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Unlike many car clubs, members of the Evart Car Club are not required to have a car to be a member. Cars may be the public focus, but they are the "delivery" mechanism for the club. The focus of the club is philanthropy. Money generated by the club and club sponsored activities is given to charitable groups and individuals in, and round, the City of Evart. We are city-based and we promote activities within the city and in the surrounding area.
We're not just an "old" car club. Any vintage and any year car is welcome. Don't have a car; you're welcome, too. The Evart Car Club is a social organization dedicated to the enjoyment of all types of automobiles and personal transportation.
Members of the club are sometimes members of other city organizations and associations. These alliances often help in coordinating and volunteering activities.
Some of the activities that the Evart Car Club regularly sponsors are:
 Annual Car Show - This is a chance to show member's cars and invite the general public to display their cars. Spectators enjoy the experience without a cover fee. The show is open and cars are not roped off. This allows spectators the opportunity to get close to the car and to interact with the owner.
 Annual Car Cruise - Members and non-members are invited to provide a motoring experience for both drivers and spectators, who get to hear and see the cars in motion. A route is selected and advertised, so that spectators can pick the perfect place to enjoy the action.
Where does the money go? The money generated from the club activity goes back into the Evart community. Here is some of what we've done:
- Sears Food Pantry
- Susan P Wheatlake Cancer Center (Spectrum Health, Reed City)
- Evart Fire Department - Explorer Program
- Giving Tree - Christmas gifts for children
- Fireworks Fund
- Evart Scholarships
- Halloween - candy for kids
- Mecosta/Osceola Food Drive
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